Why choose Veritas? Free Business Debt Collection

Are you wasting time chasing late payments and overdue invoices

Why choose Veritas? Free Business Debt Collection

Why should your business use Veritas Legal?

If you are struggling to recover commercial debts then you should definitely get in touch as we offer free business debt collection.

People get confused over how we can offer it free but our fees are recovered from the debtor, so you don’t have to pay a penny.

Not only that but we usually are able to recover your outstanding business debts quickly and without the hassle you have experienced over the past weeks or months.

If you have a business to business debt you are struggling to recover, please call: 01392 498686 or email: info@veritaslegal.co.uk or Submit your debt here. We are based in Exeter and Torbay for our free business debt collection but operate throughout the UK.

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