Outstanding Business Debt Recovered Within 3 Days!

Outstanding Business Debt Recovered Within 3 Days!

Outstanding Business Debt Recovered Within 3 Days!

So often we hear the same story, a business has been struggling to chase an outstanding business debt for months, getting no response from the debtor. Then they get in touch with us and we are able to recover the debt within days and at no cost to them!

“After a protracted process of trying to resolve an outstanding debt, James helped us recover the funds within 3 days of being instructed. Highly recommended!” Neil Forrow at South West Geotechnical Limited

South West Geotechnical is an independent consultancy, contractor and UKAS accredited laboratory providing comprehensive ground investigation services.​

They issued an invoice to a company based in Hayle on 11 May 2021 which had 30 day payment terms for £11,304.

The debtor ignored all credit control from Neil and his team, so out of frustration, they engaged us on 23 September to recover the debt.

The debtor ignored the letter, sent by first class post and multiple email recipients.

We then forewarned the debtor that, as no payment had been received, we were now taking the action indicated in the letter and with that an immediate payment was made for the debt of £11,304 and £1119.93 late payment charges, together with a profuse apology from the debtor.

Client had £11,304 back in their account within 72 hours of instructing us and a VAT receipted account to show that our services had cost them absolutely nothing.

If you, like Neil, have a business debt that the debtor just won’t pay, get in touch with Veritas Legal, we are business debt recovery service who do it for free, please call 01392 498686 or email info@veritaslegal.co.uk

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