Are you wasting time chasing late payments & overdue invoices?

Are you wasting time chasing late payments and overdue invoices

Are you wasting time chasing late payments & overdue invoices?

Do you find that you are spending more time chasing late payments of business debts?

Are those outstanding invoices building up and you are getting nowhere?

Then you are not alone, many businesses are in the same boat, they are owed money by other businesses who refuse to do anything about it or never answer their calls.

According to a survey by “Debt Register” (as reported by Credit-Connect) “Over a third of businesses (32%) spend up to 75% of their time chasing overdue debts when that time would be better spent in advising their sales teams on who to do business with or not in the first place.”

That is massively disruptive from a business point of view and means many of those businesses are spending more time on chasing overdue debts rather than getting on with their work.

There is an answer, get in touch with Veritas Legal and we will chase the debt for you and there is no cost as all the late payment fees are collected from the debtor.

If you have a business to business debt you are struggling to recover, please call: 01392 498686 or email: or Submit your debt here.


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